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Chakra Cleansing Trainer


Chakra Cleansing Trainer


Chakra Cleansing Trainer

Spa & Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing Trainer


Chakra Cleansing Trainer


For my first time ever taking yoga, this feels like the perfect place to learn. It has a very welcoming feel, and very relaxed atmosphere. I was so nervous but that eased up pretty fast. I am looking forward to taking more classes! Highly recommend.

Rachel S.


This was so much fun. it was a light hearted hard working class. the support and caring from the whole class got me to do things I didn't think I could. the teacher was so supportive and kind. she urged us to do our best while showing us step by step to achieve our best.

Randi D.


Such a nurturing and beautiful space! I have loved every class I’ve taken. 

Tanya P.


My Wife and I have been several times and always get a good workout and have a great time in the process. I highly recommend the couple’s yoga if you have the opportunity, but all the sessions are great.

Warren B.


Really enjoyed the class tonight! No pressure or judgement and felt very welcomed. Will definitely be back!

Erica C.


I am thrilled to have this place in Beaver Dam! Livia is an excellent instructor, welcoming to all levels of experience.

Katie H.